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What We Do

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A healthy, well balanced meal is conducive to performance. There is an art to providing meals that appeal to every individual from students to professionals.
Whether you are an educational facility or corporation, our professional management team can assess your food service needs and come up with a viable solution.
School Nutrition

Charter School Lunch Program

At Charter 1 Foods, we follow state and federal child nutrition guidelines and take the burden of food and labor cost management off of your school. Our breakfast and lunch are delivered or prepared on site daily so that food is always fresh, not microwaved. Menus can be customized according to your needs.

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After School Programs
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After School Programs

Charter 1 Foods provides nutritional meals for the young people in our community after a long day of school.  

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Under Served

Under Served After School Programs

Our At-Risk After-School Programs can be reimbursed for up to one meal and one snack, per child, per day. All meals meet the federal guidelines for feeding young people.  

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Private School
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Private School Nutrition

Charter 1 foods focuses on providing a nutritious and healthy diet, because establishing good eating habits are core to our principles. We cater with ease for the many and varied dietary requirements that today’s astute parents demand. 

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Military Services

Military Services

Charter1Foods delivers dining services to all branches of the military. Charter1Foods operate in both
appropriate and non-appropriate contracts.

Charter1Foods has the experience to manage all aspect of military dining facilities. These duties include
planning menus, purchasing, receiving, storing of subsistence and supplies, dishwashing and
housekeeping, preparing and serving food, as well as developing, organizing and implementing labor
and cost control programs to provide high value and superior services.

Charter1Foods also provides other services such as but not limited to: Dining room attendants, Mess
Hall attendants, serving person with no cook, shelf stocking, and commissary worker.

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Higher Education

Higher Education

We are creating the on-campus dining experience by influencing industry insights, cutting-edge
technology, and incessant innovation to service the traditions and philosophy of the campuses Charter 1
Foods serve. Student academic achievement and growth is cultivated by a food program focused on
ethical sourcing to revel the entire community’s inimitable diversity. Charter 1 Foods has vast
experience in meal plan sales, retail, and catering, our objective is to enhance involvement, drive
satisfaction, support recruitment, and deliver consistent financial results.

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