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Chris Williams

Samuel Watkins

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Chris Williams

Growing up in Montclair, New Jersey, right outside of New York City, Chef Chris was exposed to so many different cuisines and cultures, which contributed to his very diverse palette. He discovered his passion for catering and event management while living in Charlotte when he and a roommate decided to sell individual lunches right out of their small two-bedroom apartment. As clientele continued to grow, he decided to move to Atlanta and take his business to the next level. 

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Samuel Watkins

Sam received a BA in Marketing from South Carolina State University in 1990. He started as an Investment Analyst at Wachovia Bank and left the bank in 2000 as an Assistant Vice-President to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams.

Sam is committed to making a difference in his community. His business pursuits have been closely connected to his dedication to direct community involvement. Sam sits on numerous Boards of local agencies and has raised significant funds for charitable efforts.

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